Overview - The Beginning

Mission Children's Hospital

Amazing Garden Of Learning

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Great Things are Sprouting at Estes

As you may have heard, amazing things are happening at Estes thanks to a dedicated group of community leaders, local businesses and our PTA.
A collaborative team - made up of PTA member and parent Lori Garst, Tupelo Honey Café’s Steve Frabitore, landscape architect Steven Lee Johnson of Sitework Studios, BB Barns and other community leaders – designed a garden space with input from our teachers as a part of the Chefs Move to Schools program.  The garden features a variety of learning tools, including a rain garden, to help augment students’ studies throughout each grade level.  The produce from the garden is used as instructional tools for healthy eating in an effort to battle childhood obesity and serves as tools for service learning and other areas.
Tupelo Honey Café hosted a corporate fundraising event for the garden, with local business leaders, politicians, and others from the community in attendance.  We raised $40,000 that evening!!  Coming in as the lead sponsor was Mission Children’s Hospital.  The hospital committed to the project at Estes and developed it as part of a longer-term vision to proactively improve the health and well-being of Buncombe County residents.  Beginning with Estes, Mission continues to support four more gardens at four different schools in Buncombe County over the next 5 years.
We are overwhelmed by the support of our community in effort to improve the lives and health of the children at Estes.