Tips from the Garden

Garden Tips

March Tips from the Garden

 By: Barbara Baggett

Continue planting hardy vegetable crops that mature quickly (turnips, mustard, radishes & spring opinion).

Once frost danger has passed ­ transplant tender veggies like tomatoes and peppers. Before planting harden­off by placing containers outdoors in sheltered area for a few days.

Also post frost ­ plant warm season crops, beans, squash and corn.

Remember to water, especially transplants.

Cold season annuals will still flourish NOW ­ - Dianthus

Plant Spring Bulbs

Amend beds with organic matter

Lawn ­ rake up all left over leaves and fertilize (only after all danger of frost has passed)

Fertilize ­ azaleas, camellias, ornamental shrubs

Check sprinklers & hoses for any repair/replace so they will be ready for summer

FROST calculator ­ April 12 (%50 probability)