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 Estes Shakespeare Club

The 2014-15 school year was the second year running for the Shakespeare club at Estes. Beth Roberts, Estes PTA President, started the club in the 2013-14 school year, along with an all-star cast of volunteer parents. The first year the club had 38 students and the second year the club had 50, which was composed of 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. The kids met every Friday morning early, starting in January, from 7:15 till 7:45 before school, and they studied and practiced performing one complete play each year. They absolutely love being there and if you asked any of them why, they would tell you that it was because they loved Shakespeare, which is remarkable. In the 2013-14 school year the club did Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and this last year, they studied Shakespeare's "The Tempest". These elementary students studied the authentic language of the play, not a summarized version. The play is edited down to a size they can handle, but the language is Shakespeare's. It is Shakespeare that they study, learn, memorize and then perform on stage. This is hard for many adults, and these kids tackle the complicated language, odd phrases, and quirky humor with ease. It is really an amazing and magical transformation that happens!

Here are some of the reasons why these kids are in this club: “Because it is really fun” (Jacob F.), “Make new friends” (Karena), “It is fun and awesome” (Aelle), “I like acting” (Kaena), “I was in it last year and I love the props” (Hannah), “I like speaking in front of a lot of people” (Ella W.), “I have done it before and it is AMAZING!” (Ella P.), “It is fun” (Brady), “It is awesome” (Aldwin), “I like being on stage” (Ben), “Ms. Tate says I do so well in drama that I have to do Shakespeare” (Miles), “I am good at drama and acting” (Tristyn), “I always wanted to act” (Willie), “I would like to learn how to act” (Emma C.), “I like to read” (Gyani), “It is so much fun” (Laura), “I like working with mechanical stuff” (Connor), “Last year I did it and it was super fun, so I knew it would be fun this year” (Anna), “I really love to act” (Lauren), “I am dramatic and I can remember my lines” (Grace Anne), “I couldn’t wait to be in Shakespeare club again” (Gracie), “I enjoy working with others” (Sarah F.), “I like acting and I am good at memorizing my lines” (Dannielle), “It is an opportunity to dive into something I can enjoy. . .how we all work on teamwork, responsibility, and acting!” (Harini), “I like to memorize and act on stage” (Lidia), “I love acting and I think it’s a great opportunity to learn a terrific new way of drama” (Cecilia), “It’s really fun and Shakespeare writes awesome plays” (Brooke), “I wanted to try something new” (Zoey), “I like drama and plays” (Quinn), “I like doing plays, props, and to work in teams” (Elena), “I want to learn about Shakespeare” (Stella), “I think it is ‘Sharpening the Saw’” (Lily S.), “The play is so fun” (Sarah G.), “I had never been in a play and I wanted to try” (Julia), “It gave me a chance to get over my shyness and learn a new skill” (Lily B.), “I’m good at acting and it was fun last year” (Hunter), “I think it is really fun and awesome” (Austin), “I like to read out parts and act things out” (Kaylee), “I always wanted to be an actress” (Jazmin), “To spend time with friends and be on stage” (Will S.), “I love the joy of acting and I’m not shy” (Eva), “I love acting. It is one of my favorite things ever” (Teddy), “I can improve my memory” (Daniel), “When I grow up I want to be an actress” (Trinity), “We get to express the character’s feelings” (Sydney), “I love acting on stage and saying things in front of everyone” (Reagan), “Because I want to learn some of what William Shakespeare wrote” (Annette), and “My sister is an actress and I would like to be one too” (Molly).