Tools for Schools
William W. Estes Elementary
Number: 10798

Advantage Card

It is easy to use your Ingles Advantage Card to help Estes. When you make purchases using the Ingles Advantage Card, Ingles will give back to Estes a portion of those sales. The portion can be used by Estes to purchase computers and school supplies.

  • Present The Ingles Advantage Card to the cashier before they begin to ring up your order.

  • Ask the cashier to scan your card.

  • Your purchase amount is electronically recorded for your school.

You may sign up at your local Ingles store or at Ingles web site (see links below). Simply fill out a Tools for Schools application. It's that simple. The sign-up is a one-time process that will take place at the beginning of each school year. The school that is chosen is linked to your Ingles Advantage Card until the following May.  You must re-enroll your Ingles Advantage Card at the beginning of each school year.

Link Your Ingles Advantage Card to Estes

Don't have an Advantage Card - Fill out the application at the link below and return it to your Ingles store. Do not forget to link it to Estes.

Sign Up for an Ingles Advantage Card