Welcome to the Estes Elementary School Website

We hope this section will help you in navigating the many different areas of our website.


At the top of our homepage you will find the primary navigation bar.

Navigation Bar

This will take you to the different parts of our website. Our School, Activities and Parents have drop-down menus, Academics and Staff link to pages with listings and Calendar will take you to our school calendar of events. This navigation bar is always available at the top of any page on our website. 


At the right-hand side of the homepage you will find the Site Shortcuts section.

Site Shortcuts

This section is for parts of our website we feel you may visit often, links to pages at our District website, or links to outside websites. We hope this section makes it easier for you to navigate our site and to see important information at other websites.



At the center top of our homepage you will find our Welcome section with the school photo.


School News

Directly under our Welcome section you will find the School News section. This area contains links to news articles about the current events happening in our school.



On the left-hand side of our homepage you will find the Announcements section. This area contains information about important dates and short news information.

Our goal is to provide an outstanding communications tool for parents, students and teachers. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our website, please contact april.cooke@bcsemail.org