Weather Watch

The safety of all children is our first concern when deciding if schools must be closed or their opening delayed because of weather conditions. Here are some important things for you to remember.
  • The decision to close schools or to delay opening them will be made soon after 6:00 a.m. If possible, the decision will be made the evening before.
  • Tune in to area radio and television stations for the announcement or contact a neighbor who can listen for you.
  • Call the Buncombe County Schools Weather Hotline at 828.255.5939.
  • Buncombe County Schools will send out an automated alert now message. Have weather alerts sent as text messages, calls from the Principal sent to one phone and not another! To receive information just the way you'd like it through the new BCS SchoolMessenger system, take a few minutes to create a contact preference profile using the secure on-line Contact Manager.

  • WLOS Mobile Text Alerts:

    The following is for informational purposes only and not an endorsement of the service mentioned.

    As you may know, WLOS will send text alerts regarding school closings and delays to anyone over the age of 13 who signs up on their website (see link below).

    BUT, if you sign up for this service, in order to receive ALL RELEVANT BUNCOMBE COUNTY SCHOOL DELAY/CLOSURE ALERTS you MUST CHECK 3 SELECTIONS on their drop down list of schools: 

    1) check "Buncombe County Schools" (this will alert you in the case of district-wide closures or delays); AND

    2) check "Buncombe County Schools: Roberson District" --this will alert you if our district has an individual closure/delay); AND

    3) check "Buncombe County Schools: All Other Districts" (this will alert you if one district is delayed or closed, but others--perhaps ours--are different)


PLEASE DO NOT CALL SCHOOLS, central offices, or the news media.
  • Generally, all Buncombe County Schools will be affected by the decision, not just schools in areas of the county where weather conditions are most severe.
  • If no announcement is made, you may assume that schools will operate on a normal schedule.
  Weather conditions sometimes worsen during the day after children have arrived at school. If early dismissal of school is necessary, local radio and television stations will make the announcement. Working parents are advised to make special provisions for childcare on days when schools must be dismissed early.
  At the beginning of the school year, please indicate on the Student Information sheet the procedures the school should follow for your child in the event of an early dismissal. Please advise us of any changes in this procedure. Teachers are unable to telephone each parent in case of early dismissal.