Computer Lab

William W. Estes Elementary

Technology and Digital Learning Lab

Estes Computer Lab

 The Digital Learning Lab
at Estes Elementary provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable technology skills while reinforcing grade-level curriculum.  

Each class comes to the lab during their 45-minute Specials Block on a revolving seven-day schedule. You might have heard your child talk about "B" Day or "G" Day when they are getting ready for school and looking for their gym shoes or library books!  Thankfully, they don't need any special equipment when their class comes to the lab, just a willingness to explore the computer and learn about technology.

At the beginning of the year, all of the students have a series of lessons about internet safety and the importance of good netiquette.  Every December, Estes students participate in 
"Hour of Code," an international computer programming initiative to get students aware of computer coding and programming.

Estes Computer Lab