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Teacher: Kimberly Boss
Estes' Phone: 828-654-1795
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The above gallery is from Latino Parent Night. Buncombe County Schools interpreter, Galen Goodrum, interpreted former principal, John Barbour's welcome to Latino parents. Jan Busey, Title 1, explained the benefits of the Title 1 reading program, new to Estes this year, and encouraged parents to read Spanish books to their children at home. School nurse, Debra Thornberry, explained the flu vaccination clinic and the permission forms for the nasal mist or shot. Helen-Mary Cowart, ESL/Title III Specialist, outlined the ESL program goals and objectives to parents. Maureen Anderson, Migrant Program Coordinator for Buncombe County Schools, listed the qualifications for migrant status to receive additional services for their children. She was joined by former Estes parent and new Migrant Recruiter, Beatriz Riascos. Kay Manley, Executive Director of Basic Skills, AB Tech, explained the Basic Skills Program and the adult ESL classes at AB Tech and the various locations of classes around the county.
Program Goals
Buncombe County Public Schools strives to maintain an ESL Program that works in conjunction with the wider school system to provide equal educational opportunities for students with diverse language backgrounds in our system. All students have the same access to content, facilities, and the full range of programs Buncombe County Schools offers.
Buncombe County School works to foster an educational environment where all students can maintain pride in their own cultural and linguistic heritages while developing the knowledge and skills necessary for becoming positive, productive members of society.
The ESL Program's ultimate goal is that each Limited English Proficient student in our system eventually reach grade-level English proficiency in all domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as measured by the state academic assessments.
Program Objectives
  • To identify all students whose native or home language is one other than English and to assess the English language proficiency of all identified students
  • To place students in appropriate educational programs that foster maximum English and content acquisition
  • To regularly assess the English proficiency and academic progress of students served by the program and adjust services according to specific needs
  • To transition students into content classes as soon as their English proficiency makes success there possible
  • To provide ongoing monitoring and support for students who have exited
  • To provide classroom support and professional development in appropriate ESL instructional and assessment strategies to make all teachers "ESL teachers"
  • To support the curriculum and instruction of the mainstream classroom when appropriate for the developmental stages of students
  • To solicit LEP parent involvement in the program and in their children's educational experiences
  • Service Models
  • ESL "pull-out" classes from 30-90 minutes per day
  • Co-teaching with ESL and content teachers to deliver content instruction
  • Sheltered instruction, in which a content teacher is specifically trained to use a variety of ESL teaching strategies
  • Newcomer Center, where novice English learners in middle and high school spend all day with intensive English language and literacy instruction
  • Other Services
    The ESL Program also provides bilingual interpretation services for parent-teacher meetings and school events, and it translates important documents coming from the school system and the state, ESL programs at individual schools may also offer homework help and tutoring, parent orientations and meetings in parents native language, and other vital services.
    Program Staff
    Teacher: Kimberly Boss
  •  Teacher: Marlana Lee
  • marlana.lee@bcsemail.org
  • Estes' Phone: 828-654-1795
    Geneva Neeriemer
    Director of Federal Programs
    Helen-Mary Cowart
    ESL Specialist
    Adriana Tobon
    Lead Interpreter/Translator
    Donna Curtis
    ESL Secretary