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Fall Pictures From the Garden


Kindergarten Students Harvested Radishes


Thank You Asheville Greenworks

Estes New Compost System

Asheville Greenworks organized local volunteers to come and build a triple compost bin system for our school. Estes students will be able to create awesome soil for the garden by recycling the garden waste, as well as some food scraps. There are so many benefits for our community, including less waste in the landfills, science lessons, interesting and inspiring garden lessons, and a whole lot more...One day, we are hoping to be able to  incorporate the school cafeteria's food scraps into our compost system...but, we still have a lot to learn before that is tackled. Asheville Greenworks will be helping us with the learning process. Asheville GreenWorks, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, is a volunteer-based organization working to achieve a clean and green Asheville and Buncombe County through community organizing, educating and environmental stewardship.
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Eric, from Greenworks, came back to give each class a lesson on our newly constructed compost bin system. Greenworks will continue to work with us to assure our success at maintaining our compost bin system..... 
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 Estes Students Make Seed Balls

Kimberly Lanzarotta, our Americorps volunteer, read an inspiring book to all the kids called Mrs. Rumphias, where the main character makes the world a more beautiful place by planting flowers everywhere. Estes students made seed balls that will be thrown around our campus...each ball, the makings of beautiful flowers for the spring and summer...! So cool!


Spring Fling in the Garden

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