Meeting Dates

Date Time Location Topic Description Presenters
 8:15-9:00  Theater Welcome to Estes
News and Notes
Volunteer Opportunities
Come and hear about WWEES and the ways we can work together to best support our students, families, and staff this year.  

Title 1
Megan Transport
 10/17  12:00-1:00  Theater News and Notes
Leader in Me
Come and learn about the Leader In Me program and how you can support your child's leadership skills at home. Administration/PTA
Lighthouse Team
 1/16  8:00-9:00  Theater News and Notes
Wit and Wisdom
Wilson Fundations
Come and learn about our reading and word study program and find out ways to support your child at home. Administration/PTA
Title 1
 2/20  12:00-1:00  Theater News and Notes
Math Investigations
Come learn about our mathematics program and find out ways to support your child at home. Administration/PTA
Gin Hodge
Meg McKee
 3/20  8:00-9:00  Theater News and Notes
STEM Lab and Specials
Each day your child enjoys art, music, PE, garden, library, or STEM Lab (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). Come meet the Specialist Team and learn more about these classes. Administration/PTA
Specialist Team
 4/17  12:00-1:00  Theater News and Notes
Enrichment at Estes
Growth Mindset
Come learn about how to get your child engaged in their own learning and how to cultivate a "growth mindset". Does your child struggle with anxiety or have trouble staying focused? The counselors have some tips to share about the benefits of mindfulness. Administration/PTA
Donalyn Small
 5/15  8:00-9:00  Theater News and Notes
Clubs at Estes
Goal Setting and
Leadership Notebooks
On Early Release days we "Begin with the end in mind" by setting and monitoring our goals and we "Sharpen the saw" by taking time to enjoy new skills. Come experience our club days by joining in on the fun!
Student Council Reps.