2017-2018 Shakespeare's "As You Like It"

The Estes Elementary Shakespeare Club is proud to present 

William Shakespeare’s

As You Like It

Friday, May 18th, 2018

6:30 p.m.

We would like to personally thank. . .

The UPS Store on Hendersonville Road, for printing and binding our scripts and banners this season and all seasons, & for printing these beautiful programs, particularly Susan Peddy, who has volunteered countless hours to our practices; Blue Ridge Orthodontics, for our new banners, etc.. Jennifer Blanton, Jayme Ray, Margaret Ashby and Kim Murphy, for helping with our amazing costumes;  Shannon Reese, for getting our Shakespeare t-shirts, amongst other various and sundry go-to tasks; all of our parent volunteers for their help with set design, prop creation & weekly practices, snacks, supplies, etc. -- without whose help none of this would be possible; Janie Belue, Coach Beall  and Matthew Lane, front office staff and Estes principals, for their musical & creative advice, help, support and extra hours spent outside of their school day; lastly, to all of our Shakespeare Club families, for getting your children involved in this fantastic journey & taking extra time out of your busy schedules to get them to our practices, to send in snacks and supplies and to work with them at home. We are so grateful & we have loved every minute!

And here’s why we love this club:  “I love to act; it is my dream job.”    -Aniston; “I wanted to learn more about Shakespeare & his plays.”-Vir; “I wanted to meet new friends & learn.”-Selma; “I wanted to try new things & expand my horizons.” -Kim; “I wanted to do something I’ve never done before.” -Melanie; “I am an actor & I like being a part of the group.” – Michael; “To have fun.”-Warren; “I love acting, history & especially Shakespeare.”-Asher; “Because last year everyone laughed at my part & I loved that!”-Isabella; “Because I have good friends & love to be funny.”-Olivia; “I wanted to try something new & be more involved at school.”-Neil; “I like to dance & perform.” -Malaysia; “Because I wanted to learn about plays from the past & perform them.” -Jennifer; “I love acting & making people laugh.”-Maddie; “I have done it for many years & really wanted to do it my last year at Estes”-Brooke; “Because I took part last year & saw what fun it was”-Audrey; “Because I want to be an actress when I grow up.”-Patience; “I knew it would be so much fun & I want to lose my stage fright.”-Carole; “It is my last year and I knew we would have a lot of fun.”-Brendan; “I love to perform and have fun on stage & it gives me something to look forward to on Fridays.” -Patrick R.; “I love Shakespeare & have read a lot of his work with my dad.”-Haiden; “I like acting & I’ve been in it for 2 other years.”- Myles M.; “Because I had never been in a play before.” -Juliette; “I love doing it & creating a new personality on stage.”-Sophia; “I wanted to learn about Shakespeare and see what he wrote.”-Maggie; “I love being in plays.”-Jack B.; “My friends are here & I like to perform Shakespeare.”-Anne Carter; “It is really funny.”  -Leyton; “Because I can learn new things.”-Kaitlin; “I like being in programs.”-Addison; “I had heard how great it was & I wanted to give it a try. I love acting.” -Catherine;“To learn more about  plays & have fun.”-Coleman; “I was excited about the props & making new friends.”-Jack R.;“I believe I can express I can express my feelings for costumes &theatre.” -Kylie; “Because I wanted to try an even bigger part than last year.” -Bentley; “I loved it last year & wanted to do it again.”-Ben P.; “I love to act & work with my friends.” -Kelsey; “I enjoy the plays.”-Jordyn; “Because it helped me not to be shy.”- Ben J.; “I was excited about meeting new friends & doing the props.”-Will.; “I watched my sister do it last year & it looked like so much fun.”-Rocco; “I do plays a lot with cousins too & love it.”-David H.; “Because we get to do fun, interesting plays & learn about Shakespeare.”-Logan; “Because I had never been in it & it was fun.” -Valencia; “I had been in it before & I have a loud voice & am not shy!”- Keegan; “Because I think doing Shakespeare is a great learning experience.”-Patrick P.; “Because I wanted to learn more about William Shakespeare & it is exciting.”-Eleanor; “I really enjoyed participating last year & this year.”-Avery; “Because I want to act & learn a new language.” -Clara; “Because I love to be on stage.” -Cahill; “Because I loved the last two years; it’s always amazing.”-Lilly Ann; “Because talking on stage is a good experience.”-Rich ; “To gain a better understanding of Shakespeare.”-Nate; “To work with set & props.”-Tae; “To be a real wolf.”-Charlie; “Because acting is fun.”-Johnny; “Because being on stage lets me feel free.”-Emma.

Cast, in order of appearance 

Intro. Music         “Sparklers in the Night”    Emma R.

Part One              Orlando                              Patrick R. 

                              Adam                                  David H. 

                              Oliver                                  Neil G. 

                              Dennis                                 Rocco Z. 

                              Charles                               Warren W. 

                              Rosalind                              Clara R. 

                              Celia                                    Brooke W. 

                              Touchstone                        Lilly Ann R. 

                              Le Beau                              Brendan S. 

                              Duke Frederick                  Myles M. 


Part Two               Duke Senior                       Coleman H. 

                              Amiens                                Cahill M. 

                              First Forest Lord                  Avery B. 

                              Second Forest Lord          Valencia K. 

                              Jaques                                Ben P. 

                              Duke Frederick                  Vir D. 

                              First Lord/Sheep                Jennifer V. 

                              Second Lord/Sheep         Kaitlin J. 

                              Orlando                              Asher H. 

                              Adam                                  Haiden S. 

                              Wolf                                     Charlie R. 

                              Rosalind                              Sophia C. 

                              Celia                                    Malaysia C. 

                              Corin                                   Logan A. 

                              Silvius                                   Anne Carter T. 

                              Touchston                           Jordyn S. 


Part Three            Duke Frederick                  Leyton S. 

                              Oliver                                  Jack R. 

                              Orlando                              Jack B. 

                              Corin                                   Isabella K. 

                              Touchstone                        Kylie D. 

                              Rosalind                              Audrey G. 

                              Celia                                    Keegan S. 

                              Jaques                                Ben J. 

                              Audrey                                Juliette R. 

                              Phoebe                               Addison G. 

                              Silvius                                   Catherine B. 

                              Goats                                  Eleanor W.  &

                                                                           Aniston U. 

Part Four              Jaques                                Rich M. 

                              Rosalind                              Emma R. 

                              Orlando                              Selma M. 

                              Celia                                    Bentley Z. 

                              Silvius                                   Kelsey B. 

                              Oliver                                   Johnny S. 

                              Phoebe                               Maddie Y. 

                              Touchstone                        Patience P. 

                              First Page                            Carole C. 

                              Second Page                    Kimberly D. 

                              Duke Senior                        Michael P. 

                              Audrey                                Melanie D. 

                              Hera                                    Olivia A. 

                              Jaques de Boys                 Patrick P.    


Triangles                                                            Nate B.  & Will R. 

Sound & Set                                                     Tae T. & Jack R. 

Lights                                                                 Maggie P. 

“All the world’s a stage.”


Plot Summary
Beginning in the French court, Oliver, mistreats his brother Orlando badly and refuses him the money he has inherited from their father; Oliver plans to have Orlando fight in a deadly wrestling match that he assumes he will lose. Meanwhile, Duke Frederick has forced his older brother, Duke Senior, into exile in the Forest of Arden.  Duke Senior’s daughter, Rosalind, and Duke Frederick’s daughter, Celia are best friends and live at court. Orlando wrestles and is victorious, much to Oliver and Duke Frederick’s demise. Orlando and Rosalind fall in love at first sight. However, she is soon banished by her uncle and, traveling with Celia, must disguise herself as a man to survive.  Celia, Rosalind and Touchstone all three journey into the Forest of Arden, disguised as peasants. Orlando also must flee Oliver’s plots against him into the Forest; he does not know that Rosalind is there too. In the Forest, Rosalind, disguised as “Ganymede,” forms a teasing friendship with Orlando.  Celia, who is disguised as “Aliena” also meets Oliver in the forest and they fall in love too. In the end, Orlando and Oliver are reunited and make peace. Rosalind reveals her true identity and is united with her father in the Forest. Duke Frederick restores the dukedom to Duke Senior. And, all ends happily in four weddings in the Forest.