4th Grade Math

In 4th grade students dive deeper into the mathematical concepts that they have been exposed to in recent grades.

They do a lot of work with developing a solid understanding of multiplication, division and strategies. This means a lot of work with various strategies and methods to ensure they are prepared for the more complex methods in 5th grade.

4th graders also finalize their work with addition and subtraction of whole numbers by learning the meaning and structure behind standard algorithms (traditional ways to add/subtract). 
There is also continued work with metric measurements and geometry. 

These are 5 Strands of Standards for North Carolina 4th graders:
1. Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 
Solving Math word problems logically using a mixture of the 4 basic operations, with up to 2 steps
2. Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
Place Value: Understanding how the number system works creates the value of numbers
Use of place value to develop an understanding and fluency with addition and subtraction algorithms
3. Numbers and Operations- Fractions
Forms of fractions (mixed and improper), Fractions beyond 1 whole, Simple computation (addition/subtraction) with fractions
4. Measurement and Data
Area/Perimeter of squares, rectangles and rectilinear shapes (shapes that can be decomposed into rectangles)
Graphs: line plots, bar graphs
Metric Measurement for length (cm, m, km), weight (g, kg), and capacity/volume (mL, L)
5. Geometry
Classifying 2-D shapes based on types of lines and angles