Helpful Links: Math

Khan Academy

This site has a large library of free videos that explain many of our math concepts, as well as other academic areas. They also offer free practice questions. There is an option to log in with Google, and it works with the students' BCS emails through IAM. This may have been used in past grades. Our class is not currently using this log in for class assignments, and most videos and practice are available without logging in. 

This site is a student-paced digital version of our supplemental math program, Eureka. It is organized lesson by lesson and follows the same standards and content that we will cover in class. Each lesson includes fluency practice, videoed lessons, and more. Students may log in with Google as long as they log into IAM first. 

Math Drills
This site is not online active, but can be used to print sheets with basic math facts for practice. This is available for all 4 operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are also printable PDF flashcards on this site.