Reading Ideas

Reading Response Activities and Questions

Postcard – Create a postcard with a drawing that shows the setting of your book on one side and write a Summary of the book on the other 

Dear Author – Write a letter to the author of your book to share with them how you really felt about and element of the story (if fiction) or the information (if nonfiction) that you learned from the story.

Timeline – Create a timeline using a flow map for the actions in your book or the sequence of events in the life of a person shared in a biography you have read.

Fictional Friends – Which characters from the book would you want to be friends with? Why? What types of things would you do with that character if you knew them in real life? Write in paragraph form to support your choice.

Interview the Author – Create at least 5 to 7 interview questions for the author of your book. These should be questions that you would ask the author in person if you had an opportunity to meet them.

Interview a Character – Choose a character from your book and create at least 5 to 7 interview questions that you would ask that character if you had a chance to meet them face to face .

Dear Classmate – Write a letter to a classmate telling them about the book you read. Tell them if you would recommend this book for them to read and let them know what your favorite part was. If you would not recommend the book, you must explain why by letting your classmate know what you did NOT like about the book.