Field Trips & Programs

Each grade level takes several field trips and has several programs per year. They are educational in nature and based upon grade level curriculum.

 1st Grade Field Trip
Folk Art Center

Folk Art Center

Local artists from the Southern Highlands Guild worked on craft projects with Estes 1st Grade students at the Folk Art Center.The students rotated through stations and made crafts like baskets, pottery, cornshuck dolls, and spun wool.  The students were able to have a hands on approach working with some unusual materials. Each child had a bag of crafts to take home with them. 

    Center for Diversity
    Seasons of Gratitude

    Center for Diversity

    The Center for Diversity visited Estes on November 13th to present its Seasons of Gratitude Program to the 1st Grade students. The holidays that the students learned about are:​

    Thanksgiving in America: Then and Now

    While US Presidents would periodically call for a national day of gratitude it was not until the Civil War and a declaration by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 that Thanksgiving became fixed to the 4th Thursday in November. The holiday was advocated by Sarah Josepha Hale, a prominent magazine editor, who wrote to Lincoln asking that a "day of our annual Thanksgiving [be] made a National and fixed Union Festival."


    Yam Festival in Nigeria and Ghana

    The "yam" or "nyame" is a staple food for the people of West Africa. Growing in clumps of large tuberous vines interconnected in mounds underground, yams can reach the size of an adult thigh. Depending on the planting season and climate, yams mature between August and December with celebrations at many different times.

    Pongal in India

    Pongal (January 14 - January 17) is one of the few Hindu holidays that follows the course of the sun calendar rather than the cycles of the moon. Following soon after the winter solstice when the days are lengthening, it celebrates the harvest of the rice. Pongal, mostly celebrated in rural areas, acknowledges the needs of a bountiful crop with days set aside to recognize the Sun, the Rain and the Cattle without whom the rice would not grow.

    Ponal in India

    Graphics and Information are courtesy of:
    The Center for Diversity
    Visit the website: Center for Diversity 

    Pumpkin Decorating Contest

    First Grade Students decorated pumpkins for Wild Wings Café's Annual Great Pumpkin Painting Contest. Thank You Wild Wings Café for donating the pumpkins!

      Martha Speaks

      Estes 1st Grade Students visited Diana Wortham Theatre
      to see the play "Martha Speaks" on October 10th

      Martha was an ordinary dog until the day she ate a bowlful of alphabet soup. Something unusual happened: all those letters went up to Martha’s brain instead of down to her stomach. And she became literally outspoken!

      Life with a talking dog can be lots of fun … You can amaze your family and friends, you can play tricks on the pizza delivery person, and you can even teach your pooch how to use the telephone! Which comes in very handy when your dog is as smart as Martha. When she correctly answers a trivia question on a radio call-in show, she wins an all-expense-paid family vacation. But when the official award notice arrives in the mail, it contains Martha’s least favorite words: “No Dogs Allowed!” Will her family go on vacation without her?

      Martha’s clever way with words saves the day in this doggone funny new musical based on the delightful Martha Speaks series of books by Susan Meddaugh, published by Harcourt Mifflin. Watch the television series “Martha Speaks” on PBS Kids. 

      Information and graphics courtesy of:
      Diana Wortham Threatre
      Visit the website:
      Diana Wortham Threatre




      October is Fire Prevention and Education Month






      The Skyland Fire Department brought their
      Fire Prevention Program to Estes classes in October.

      Fire Prevention