Classroom Information

Lory's League of Leaders,


Welcome to Third Grade!!!

Dear Estes Families,

            Welcome to Mrs. Lory 's classroom!!  I am very happy to be working with your child this year!   My goal is to create an atmosphere that instills a love of learning in all of my students. 

            In this letter, I would like to cover some of the basics for this upcoming school year.  If you ever need to get in touch with me, the best place to do so would be via e-mail at  Please e-mail me with any questions or concerns at any point in the year!  You can also reach me here at school after 2:45at (828) 654-1795.


            We are continuing our PBIS behavior plan schoolwide this year.  We are also a Leader in Me school!  This is very exciting!  Students will be learning the seven habits of happy, successful kids.  Students will be awarded for positive behavior and for leadership.  They will be recognized in many different ways throughout the year.    I expect my students to take charge of his/her own learning.  When appropriate, consequences will depend on the behavior and will be noted in the Student Planner.

            Homework Folders

            Please check your child’s folder each night.  There is often information coming from me, the principal or the PTA.  Please take out any papers that do not need to be returned back to school.  There is a “Return to School” side and a “Leave at Home” side.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S FOLDER EACH NIGHT!

            Student Planner/Homework Log

            Please check and sign your child’s homework log each night.  This is a place for you to write notes about transportation changes, or anything else.  It also helps you keep up with what your child should be completing each night.  It is your child's responsibility to keep up with writing in assignments daily.


Your child is asked to read each and every night for at least 20 minutes.  This can be books, magazines, newspapers, etc.   It should be pleasure reading, on his or her reading level.   The title of the book will be written in a reading log each night and signed by parent and teacher.


Investigations practice pages and games will go home many nights.  PLEASE let your child teach you the strategies...  DO NOT help them out by teaching the "short cuts."  They will get there when it's time.  :)


              We will have a working snack around 9:15 each day.  Each child is responsible for his or her own HEALTHY snack.  Water bottles are the only drink the students may have in the classroom.


 I encourage parents to come in and help!    Please let me know if you are interested, and what you would like to do, or what times you are available.  I will also need some folks that are willing to pick up different supplies (for science activities, etc.)   Pod Parents and Watch Dogs are wanted and needed!!!! 

 I am very excited about the year ahead!  It's going to be a good one!




Mrs. Dawn Lory