Growth Mindset

Video Tips

Posted by Raegan Solomon at 3/2/2015
Here is a website with some good tips for parents on a variety of topics: fostering growth mindset, how to praise, effort/not achievement, embracing failure. Definitely worth a look if you're interested in the Growth Mindset.

Tips for how to use the Growth Mindset!

Posted by Raegan Solomon at 3/1/2015
We've been using quite a few "phrases" from the Growth Mindset. I thought I'd post some ideas and tips from some of the research that supports the idea that intelligence is grown through our choices, that it is not fixed. Our intelligence is not static and fixed, however we are able to grow this intelligence and make our work easy through hard work and embracing the struggle.

Strategies for helping students develop a growth mindset

1. Think about setting achievable micro-goals to encourage students’ consistent, incremental progress. Small wins repeated over time can lead to a growth mindset (and increased confidence!).

2. When students succeed, praise their efforts and strategies as opposed to their intelligence. Praise for intelligence can actually undermine motivation and performance, as children praised for intelligence increasingly view intelligence as a fixed trait; in the face of failure, these children will display less task persistence, less task enjoyment, and overall worse performance.

3. Help students focus on and value the process of learning. Without this emphasis on learning, students will often base self perceptions of intelligence and worth to grades received, promoting a fixed mindset. While grades are important, the value of learning should be prioritized.

4. Design classroom activities that involve cooperative--rather than competitive or individualistic--work. Research suggests that students are more motivated and successful when working in groups. Students feel a sense of responsibility to the group to try their best, and thus will experience the positive feedback loop of effort and success, encouraging the development of a growth mindset.