Science in 4th Grade

4th grade Science focuses on analyzing various Systems.

  • Ecosystems: This unit focuses on the interactions within ecosystems between the different living things in those systems. Students study how the balance of these different living things can be delicate, and how everything that shares an environment has an impact on everything else in that environment. 
  • Rocks System: This unit explores the definitions of rocks and minerals and the cycle through which they move. 
  • System of Energy: This unit introduces the idea of Energy being incapable of being destroyed nor created. Students learn the different forms of Energy and ways it can be transferred, with a focus on Electricity and Magnetism. 
  • System of Human Nutrition: This unit focuses on the body's need for vitamins and minerals. Students learn what the body needs, and how the body gets those. They learn how to evaluate foods based on these needs and portion meals accordingly. 
  • Solar System: This unit focuses on moon phases, a review from past grades, and how those phases are a result of interactions between the Sun, the Earth's moon and Earth.