We work really hard all day at school. I feel like students need some review at home of what we have been going over. Their homework will consist of:

Nightly Reading:
 This is 30 minutes of reading anything that they want to read as long as they are reading. They will write a nightly response to this. Their response can be anything that they want to tell me about what they read. It needs to be about a half of a page. It will be turned in weekly to me.
Math: They will have one Math sheet a night to work on. This should all be review of what we have been doing so it should not be a struggle.
If there are any problems with homework please keep me informed. While I do not grade homework to see whether or not it is correct. It is a part of their participation grade. If homework is not done regularly this will add up and affect their grade. At this age students need to be learning responsibility, and this is one of their responsibilities for their jobs as students.