Attendance Reminders

Please make sure to make every effort to have your child in class as many days as he or she is healthy. We only have 182 days together to make a whole year's worth of progress, and it's always hard to play "catch up".

Arrival time should be no later than 7:45am, in order to be prepared for prompt 8:00am instruction.

When you know that you must pick your child up early, please send a note or call ahead so I can have them prepared for dismissal on time.

Missed assignments will be put in a folder and sent to the main office by 3:00pm for pickup, unless arranged otherwise before noon each day. If your child misses school and receives makeup work, remember to send it to school with him or her upon return whether it is finished or not. There may be time to work on it or ask questions in class.

If he or she must be out, please remember to send a note to me within three days, explaining the reason for the absence. Doctor's notes are helpful if you can get one.