Homework Policy

Mrs. Dinga’s Policy for Homework and Planners

        It is my hope that the students will take the responsibility of homework seriously and budget their time accordingly. I expect that the students will do the work independently and ask for help only after they have given it their best effort. If a student has trouble with any assignment, please write me a note describing the difficulty so that I might better assist the student the next day. I have told the students that I am interested in their best efforts, and not attempting  an assignment does not indicate effort. They will receive credit for effort, even if there are errors.


Excuses for incomplete homework will be accepted only for the same reasons as board approved absences. Missed homework must be completed and turned in along with the signed Homework Notice on the next school day. Frequency and patterns of late assignments are detrimental to learning as well as to character building.


·       Each day, I assign homework by listing the subjects on the board, and students are expected to transcribe them into the planner by subject on the appropriate date. This is an important tool in keeping your student organized and focused on homework and academic responsibilities.

·       Please review the planner with your child each evening and initial that the homework has been completed. 

·       Make it the child’s responsibility to pack up the homework each night.

·       If any homework is missing or incomplete, I will have the student fill out a homework slip. Please sign the homework slip and have your child return the slip to me the following day attached to the completed assignment.

·       Students should select a Homework Buddy with whom they exchange phone numbers, so if questions arise at home, there is someone they can call.




               Reading homework

·       Students must read a minimum of 20 minutes per day after school.

·       I encourage you to spend some time reading TO your child periodically, in addition to independent reading, as this is an enjoyable experience from which he or she will also benefit (and so will you!)

·       Reading homework is more effective when it is interactive. Attached is a set of questions that you can ask your child to initiate a conversation about what they understand about their reading. (Questions to Ask for Retelling)

·       Students should write this information in their agenda in their own best handwriting.



  Spelling/Conventions homework

          I do not assign written spelling homework unless a student scores below 80 on a spelling test. If this happens, the tests will be sent home for signature. Nightly homework is required to be turned in for the new list of words, Monday through Thursday. In this case, many different activities are welcome, including:

r        Rainbow Words- neatly tracing each word three times in three different colors

r        Pyramid Words- adding a letter of the word for each successive line:

r        Word puzzle- intersecting words by their common letters

r        Three times each

r        practice tests and corrections

r        computer programs with print out of scores/success

r        all other assignments must be approved prior to completion


·       Periodically, the students may be quizzed on any and all words that have been on previous lists.

·       It is my hope that students will not only spell the words correctly on the tests, but in their daily assignments as well. I want to facilitate good spellers, not only good test takers!

·       Spelling counts as 1 – 2 points per error on daily assignments, if the words are typical third grade words, if the word or pattern has been on a spelling test already, or if the word is being copied from a source, i.e. text book, poster, etc.