Education Links


Multiplication Practice

This link is another great site for practicing multiplication facts!

Virtual Manipulatives

Online math manipulatives that can be used to practice skills and strategies.

Math Magician

Fun games to practice multiplication tables.

Math Curriculum

Our math curriculum with pages to help practice skills.

Math Playground

An action-packed site for elementary school students. Play a math game, solve a logic puzzle, and have some fun!

 Geometry Practice   

Interactive Protractor Practice  

Equivalent Fractions 

Thinking Blocks

Thinking Blocks teaches students how to model and solve math word problems.

Math Landing

They have a great search engine to meet the needs of your student!

More Illuminations resources

Worth checking out!


Logic puzzles, tangrams, Ken-Ken, and more!

Mixing in Math (TERC)

Great site that builds skills in all mathematical areas.

Multiplication and Division 

Practice by taking a trip around the world!


National Geographic for Kids

CNN Student News

Current events, international news, and more! This link is geared for older students, so monitor your student as they explore this site.

Time for Kids

This is a great source for current events, homework help, and nightly reading!

Spelling Practice

Type your spelling words in the box on the left. The program will then give you a practice spelling test. 

Garfield Sequence

Put the Garfield comic strips in order (sequence) and then answer some questions related to the strip.


A fun way to organize similar thoughts about one a topic. Many different choices available.

Science/ Social Studies

Rock Cycle

An interactive version of the rock cycle.


Find out about the different birthstones.

Minerals In Action

Find out which minerals are used in every day items.

Minerals Around the House

Find out which minerals are used to make every day items.

Food and Nutrition

Information regarding different parts of the food pyramid with lots of examples. Plus, plan healthy meals in the blast off game! 

Animal Adaptations Games

Turtle Facts: 

Endangered species: 

Impact on oceans:

Global warming: 


World Wildlife habitat destruction:

Technology that is saving wildlife: 

Cherokee Indians

Learn about the Cherokee Indian tribes.