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October/November Newsletter 2016


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Problem Solvers and AIG




Here is some news regarding what is going on in the Estes Problem Solver/AIG world. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns, comments or questions.


Donalyn Small



1St Grade Problem Solvers

The 1st grade Problem Solvers are becoming scientists for our current unit as they explore the various landforms on earth.  During this unit, student scientists are working in partnerships and using books to research a particular landform of their choice. They are learning about scientific models and will soon be designing and building their own.  The students will have an opportunity to work on their public speaking skills as the unit culminates with a Landform Expert Presentation.  I will let you know as soon as we set a date.  



2nd Grade Problem Solvers    

The 2nd Grade Problem Solvers made Estes very proud this week as they shared their knowledge of unusual animals with families and other Estes students during our Animal Presentations. They spent several days using computers to research and took detailed notes to become experts.  Next, they designed and built scientifically accurate (for the most part) J  habitats to add a visual element to their presentations.   During our reflection, they shared that they felt especially good about teaching the grown-ups! 

For the next several weeks we will be working on challenging math problems, word analogies, story perplexors, story cubes, intellectual games, non-fiction reading activities and some listening activities to challenge their creativity.



4th Grade AIG

We are wrapping up our Problem Based Unit on Extreme Weather.  Students have worked hard to learn as much as possible about some form of extreme weather.  Next, they generated a list of ideas that could potentially help people before, during or after the extreme weather.  They evaluated their ideas using a problem solving matrix and then chose the most feasible solution.  Students have been working on their solutions and are nearly finished.  At our presentations on November 7th and 9th, they will be sharing their knowledge of extreme weather and presenting their solutions to the Red Cross as well as to families and other Estes students.  The models they worked on at home will add a nice visual effect to their presentations.  Thank you so much for your support with that endeavor.  (Ms. Graham’s class will present on Monday, the 7th and Ms. Cole and Ms. Rhyne’s class will present on Wednesday the 9th).