Mrs. Tanner's Classroom

Welcome to Kindergarten!  I am very excited to be your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year and look forward to working with them, as well as you!  With your help and the help of our wonderful staff, I believe our students have the potential to accomplish great growth and educational success this year at Estes Elementary School!  In monthly online newsletters as well as on my blog I will post supplies that we need for either every day needs, (such as hand sanitizer, tissues, sandwich bags, etc), as well as supplies for any upcoming special projects we may be working on in the classroom.  We would greatly appreciate any supplies, materials, and time & help that you may be able to provide!  The best way to contact me during the day is through email at  I will not be able to talk on the phone with parents until after school hours, however, I can instantly answer emails from my computer throughout the day!  I have a blog set up that will contain pictures of activities we are doing in class as well as things we may need.  You can check from your home computers to see what’s going on in our room by going to or checking us out on twitter at @missjoneskinder.


Classroom/Estes School Rules (RAMS)



  • Being a positive leader by making good choices
  • Listening and following directions the first time
  • Being Prepared & taking care of materials
  • Keeping desk and classroom clean

    We show ACADEMIC SUCCESS by:

  • Putting forth 100% effort
  • Completing classwork and homework
  • Sharing our thinking
  • Asking for help when needed
  • Solving problems together and doing our own work

    We show MANNERS by:

    • Listening with our eyes, ears, and heart
    • Sharing materials and using kind words
    • Talking only when it is our turn
    • Respecting other people’s property
    • Greeting others in a positive way

      We show SAFETY by:

    • Asking permission before leaving
    • Using materials properly
    • Respecting space of others and their property
    • Listening to announcements

Classroom Rules, Expectations, Awards, and Consequences:

Encouraging positive rules is an important technique when creating our classroom community and the rules we follow while learning and playing.  Estes Elementary is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) school, which means that we advocate positive behavior throughout the entire school.   

Above are the (RAMS) rules your child is expected to follow in the classroom as well as the school.  These are posted in the classroom and will be reviewed daily (at the beginning of the year); please take the time to reinforce these at home.  Any behaviors that keep me from teaching and any child from learning are not appropriate.  I have also attached a sheet in the very back of this pack that has specific rules and expectations for areas in our school like the lunch room, playground, buses, hallways and bathrooms! 

Our classroom has a discipline chart displayed at the front of the room beside the Smart Board.  Our discipline chart is set up like a stop light.  Every student begins each day on green (3), which signifies good behavior.  These sticks can be moved if students get off task or create any sort of disturbance.  These sticks can also move up to the star (ROCKSTAR) if students’ behavior is above average.  The levels are as follows:


( 3 )      GREEN Great day, good behavior.

( 2 )      YELLOW One infraction (warning), two infractions (may lose a    privilege), but overall an okay day.

( 1 )      RED three infractions (note home and loss of privilege), and depending on the situation possibly a major write-up that is sent to the principal’s office (you will be notified asap).

***Please understand that your child will receive two to three warnings before a stick is moved.  Also, depending on the behavior, such as fighting or physical aggression, a higher consequence will be immediate. 

***Also, whenever the student’s behavior shows improvement throughout the day they will be allowed to move their sticks back to green! J 

In each child’s nightly take-home navy folders, I will have a weekly behavior sheet which I will circle either a star, 1, 2, or 3 as well as color a circle with one of the 3 colors (green, yellow, or red) at the end of the day so you know how their behavior was for the day.  I also will need you to initial the box under the circle for that day that you were aware of their behavior for the day.  We will not start our nightly reading log and sight word practice flash cards until I have had the time to explicitly teach the students the frame work of the Daily 5 (our literacy block structure) in which they will learn how to pick a “good-fit” book for them as well as “shopping” for books on their reading level out of our leveled library for students to read each night in their reading logs!  Once reading logs and sight words have started, it will be your student’s responsibility to change out their book each night and each Friday we will have a check-in to see where they are with their sight word lists! 

Part of being a PBIS school involves giving students a type of ticket when they demonstrate positive behaviors.  We use Honey Money in our classroom.  I simply "catch" students who are demonstrating correct behavior and give them a piece of Honey Money.   Students save their money and use them to buy a trip to the Treasure Box on Friday afternoons!  Students must collect 10 pieces of Honey Money for the week to be able to “purchase” a trip in the treasure box on Friday afternoon right before dismissal.  Each student has a small cubbie in our classroom (our Honey Money Bank) where they store their Honey Money so we do not have to worry about it getting lost in backpacks or at home when its Friday and time to count how much we earned from the week!  This is always one of the students’ favorite parts of the week and I love how much hard work they put in to earning their Honey Money throughout the week! J    

Our Specials Schedule (12:30 1:15)

(A) Day Media (Library)

(B) Day - Guidance

(C) Day - Music

(D) Day -  Art

(E) Day - PE

(F) Day - Garden

(G) Day Computer Lab


      I am so excited and thankful to everyone who has shown interest in volunteering this year in our room!  Even if you can’t make it to help during the day, we would still love to have you come with us on any field trips we take this year!  Information about volunteering for fieldtrips will go home with the permission slips for each field trip we go on!  We have 3 fieldtrips planned for this year and as soon as we have the dates locked down on those I will make sure to release the information so you have plenty of time to make plans and get payments in! 

      We typically don’t start the volunteers in our classroom for the first couple of weeks until the students are familiar with us and our school routines!  However, I will be sending a sign-up paper home in the next couple of weeks where parents can sign up for specific times during our school day that they are available to come in and help.  Keep an eye out for that and thank you so much for volunteering your time to help enhance our student’s learning experience! 

Daily Classroom Procedures and Routines

A smooth daily routine is very important when keeping a classroom on task.  I explain my procedures and expectations on day one and continue to enforce them throughout the year.  Bathroom time will be on the way back from any Special classes such as art, music, drama, etc. and after recess and lunch daily.  Since our Kindergarten Pod has bathrooms right outside of our classrooms, the students will be allowed to use the bathroom at any time of the day but must ask for permission first.  I also allow students to have a bathroom break after centers and during any major transition time when students are moving back to their seats and putting away their supplies. Bathroom rules will include keeping the bathroom clean and washing their hands after using the bathroom (making sure to use one squirt of soap and two pulls on the paper towel dispenser).   

Every morning, once students arrive to our classroom, they will get their things out of their bags, turn in their nightly navy folders in the binder basket located on the white bookcase in front of our classroom beside the entrance to our room, hang up their book bags and jackets in the hall of the pod, use the bathroom and wash hands, and change out their nightly reading log books before starting morning work.  Please let me know of any skin irritations or allergies to hand sanitizer.  When moving from place to place in the classroom, students will be expected to WALK and move quietly.  When lining up to leave the classroom I will call students up by tables.  The classroom leaders who have the jobs of line leader and door holder will get to be first in line for the week.  Each student will get a chance to be all our leadership jobs in our classroom.  Helpers will be selected by simply going down the roll every week and rotating through the roll to the next two students under the leaders from the previous week.  This will ensure that everyone will get an equal opportunity to have each type of leadership job throughout the year.   I also have other classroom jobs that students will take responsibility for to help build a sense of leadership in our classroom!  Materials will be distributed fairly.  Every morning we will start the day by watching our Morning Announcements and saying the pledge then move from their tables to the carpet to start our morning meeting and the day.  Our lunch time this year is from 11:55 12:20!

At the end of the day I will call tables to get their book bags.  While students are getting their book bags I will pass out nightly binders, which also contain their behavior sheets, then we will prepare to dismiss from the classroom.  We call silent times in our classroom code 0.  Code 0 is used while walking in the halls and while in the library and bathroom.  Whispering is referred to as code 1, regular talk is code 2, and outside voices are code 3.  I will always carry Honey Money with me wherever we go throughout the day and students, who are behaving well, will be rewarded with it randomly throughout the day.  I am so excited to have your child in my classroom and can’t wait to help and challenge them to grow academically!  This is going to be a wonderful year and I feel so lucky to have every one of your students in my room!!!

Thank You!

Miss Jones