Math in 3rd Grade

In third grade math we will focus on 9 clusters. The first cluster is understanding equal groups and how they relate to multiplication and division.  Cluster two is looking at graphs and plots and how to decipher the information on both. We will also discover how to create graphs and their uses. In cluster three we will be expanding on addition and subtraction from second grade focusing on using numbers within 1,000.  We will also be diving into more word problems along with two step word problems.  Cluster five will look into making sense of multiplication and division. Our focus will be on solving multiplication and division word problems, practicing fluency with multiplication and division, and understanding fact families.  Cluster six will dive into area and perimeter and using these skills in the world.  Cluster 7 begins our fraction unit and focuses on understanding fractions as parts of a whole.  Cluster eight will focus on using tools to measure length, weight and capacity.  Cluster nine will focus on telling time.