Academic Standards S.O.S

Project S.O.S. (Study! Organize! Succeed!)

At Estes we will continue to emphasize study skills and organization. Students who come to school prepared to work and with the necessary materials are more successful.

Homework helps strengthen skills learned at school and helps to develop independent work habits. All students at Estes will have homework assigned every night Monday through Thursday. At times, the assignment will be to review class work or to read aloud.

All students will have homework recorded in a homework log. Parents should check the log each night for assignments and for teacher comments. Please use the log to comment on any problems or concerns you have regarding homework assignments. Also, initial the log nightly showing that you checked it.

Students will be required to bring home their notebook every night. Returned papers will be placed in their folders. Please take time to look at your child's work and to discuss it.

Your child will be learning specific skills at each grade level. Our goal is to help students become organized, independent, self-motivated learners. Good organization is one of the keys.