Special Services

The Special Services department at Estes offers resource support to students and teachers in regular education. This support may include working with referrals from parents or teachers, doing evaluations to determine areas of strength and need, or providing specially designed instruction for students who qualify in an area of disability as defined by IDEA and NC law.

The instruction may be provided in a pull-out program, or in an inclusion, co-teaching model, with the resource and general education teachers working together in the regular classroom. The Individual Education Plan developed by a team of parents, teachers, and specialists determines the placement and services provided for identified students.

Estes has 3 resource teachers and 1 Speech/Language pathologist working full time. It is also served by an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a vision specialist, a school psychologist, and a program placement specialist on an itinerate basis.

Contact Mr. Dale, the guidance counselors, or Ms. McCleery, Program Placement Specialist, at Estes (654-1795) or for more information visit our district website page for Special Services.